January 4, 2014

To bring in the new year it’s going to be Sparkle night at Mission Fusion! Bring or wear anything that sparkles as long as the sparkles stay on you and not on the dance floor.

For another incredible night of music the DJ lineup is…

Emily Webb
Jordan Hawker
and Jamie Triplett!

Teaching class is Lina Egutkina!

Dancing Body Isolations

Use different parts of your body to interpret any music/rhythm and fully express yourself via good body isolation technique. But don’t leave your partner behind! We will also be building solid lead and follow technique so you can create juicy isolations with your partner.

Lina has a diverse background in a variety of dances including Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Tango, and Salsa which all meld into a unique blues-flavored fusion.

Class 8:30 to 9:30
Dance 9:30 to 1am

Class+Dance= $15
Dance only= $12 ($10 student/low income)