May 2nd

We are stoked to have Wren LaFeet from Portland teaching and DJing.
Gamifying Switch
Finding ourselves more and more frequently with the option to dance switch, for this class, we’ll explore some specific moves to give, take and suggest the lead, what to do when our partner doesn’t take the offer, and how to carry the switch energy through transitions seamlessly. We’ll consider timing and musicality, and how we can “score” that winning switch moment, or make the dance so dynamic that you can’t tell who’s leading or following from one moment to the next.
NOTE: Knowledge of both roles is NOT required.

Anya Crane
Wren LaFeet
Kenny Woldhagen

Class: 8:30 to 9:30
Dance: 9:30 to 1am

Class + Dance $17 ($15 student/low income)
Dance only $12 ($10 student/ low income)