Mission Fusion Jack and Jill 2015

Mission Fusion is excited to present an open Jack and Jill competition on Nov 21, 2015.

Preliminaries will be held at 8:30 pm beginning with a competitors meeting, Registration starts at 8 pm.

Categories and Prizes:

As usual Mission Fusion is doing something a little different, we are doing away with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

All winners receive medals!

First place Lead and follow- Each winner will receive $50 cash and a private lesson from Nicole Trissell OR a ticket to Emily Webb’s Tango Jump Start on Dec. 13.
(the winners will decide which prize they want among themselves. Nicole will give one private and Emily will give one pass.)

Runners-up in the categories of Musicality, Quality of Movement, and Showmanship will receive two passes to Mission Fusion.


Competitor’s meeting is at 8:30pm, and heats start shortly after that. Preliminary’s will include heats of up to 20 people each (ish) and will include at least 3 all-skates and a partner rotations every all-skate.

Finals will happen at about 10:45. There will be 6 leads and 6 follows chosen from the preliminaries to compete in the finals:

The Finals format is as follows. Each person in the finals will have two partners to compete with, the partners will be selected at random in a lineup.

All Skate with partner 2
All Skate with partner 1
Showcase with partner 1
Showcase with partner 2

Competitors will be judged individually, not as a couple, but of course how you dance in partnership is the whole deal.

Music will be selected from Alt-Blues, Lyrical, and Electronic music genre’s. We will strive to pick songs that are somewhat well-known to the Fusion genre of dancing.

Registration includes the night of dancing. At the door is $20 ($18 student discount) Pre-registration is $18 / $16 student.

Can I compete?

In short, yes. It’s an open J&J, meaning anyone can participate.

Anya Crane
Mark Carpenter
Nicole Trissell