Sound System Rental

Mission Fusion owns a complete set of PA equipment ideally suited to medium to large dance venues.  With this equipment you will have the best sound quality for live and DJ’d music available.  We rent to social dance organizations at a discount from market rates.

Hiring Jameson to be the sound of your event is a fire and forget experience, you can count on an exceptional quality system, and great service with all your needs met effortlessly.

The Typical basic package is for 4 hours of live music time, any setup (usually 30-45 minutes) and drive (up to 1 hour) is included in the basic flat rate. This includes 2 Main Speakers on stands (QSC K12s), and a Subwoofer (JBL PRX715XLF) if requested.  A basic mixer for DJs, 2 wireless mics (one handheld one or two headset/lapel). Up to 100’ away setup from Mixer to Speakers. Includes setup and breakdown time (extra 30 minutes each). It requires sheltered tables for mixer and DJs, under tent pavilion is ok.

Extras can include:
  • An hourly rate for additional live time, rounded to 30 minute increments.
  • Live band mixing, including monitors and microphones on stage, and a snake to the mixer.  Sound check time is live time, so that must be factored in to the total. Included in that is an extra 30 minutes of setup required for a stage sound.
  • A second room, The second room includes Two main speakers on stands (QSC K8’s), small mixer, and one  microphone. Up to 50’ between speakers and DJ/mixer table.  No subwoofer.  Will need an additional 30 minutes setup time.
  • DJing for your Event
  • Emceeing (Master of Ceremonies) for your event.

Lighting Package

The lighting package adds color and atmosphere to your venue. Lights can be configured in wall wash or downlighting configurations.

  • Full Color LED Slim Parabolic lights, configurable with default settings that slow fade for different colors.
  • 2x 10’ stands, 3 lights per stand.
  • Laser Star Field

The lighting package is only available with a sound package rental.

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