Come dance with us!

First and third Saturdays (excluding April 20th, 2019)

All levels lesson 8:30 to 9:30

Fusion Dance 9:30 to 1am

Class & Dance - $17 ($15 Students)

Dance only $12 ($10 Students)

(pricing differs for special event nights)


Emily Webb

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MFC 2020 Live Music

David Keogh

David Keogh is a Seattle-based musician and filmmaker who has been performing at social dance festivals around the country for the past decade. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, cello, and electronics with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion.

Live Music by THi5 - 2019

Josh received his first piano lesson when he was 6 years old, and continued with private lessons for the next 12 years, with a focus on reading music, improvisation, chord charts, and ear training. He studied composition and audio-production for 2 more years after high school, and soon received an opportunity to teach piano lessons in Marin County, CA. Teaching music would eventually open doors for Josh to perform as a pianist and as a DJ at weddings, dance parties, holiday sing-alongs, and corporate events all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the past 13 years, THi5 Academy of Music has expanded to offer lessons in guitar, drums, ukulele, music theory, and digital audio production as well as piano. In that time, Josh also found himself working in the music and film industries, composing and playing music with many notable entertainers such as Simon Cowell, Toni Braxton, and Dave Koz. In June of 2016, he released his debut album “One Time” under the moniker, THi5.

THi5 music offers a genre-defying soundscape of live piano and eclectic samples fused with cinematic themes and electronic dance beats. Since the release of “One Time”, THi5 music has grown in popularity among social dance communities, allowing Josh the opportunity to have shared THi5 music from New York to Vancouver, Costa Rica, Chicago, Seattle, and more. THi5 second album “Equal” was released in July of 2017, and continues to inspire dancers and listeners around the globe.

MFC All Star DJ Cast - 2019

2020 DJ's coming in February

Angie Huang

Angie knows how to hit buttons and click things. Music plays, and people say it's pretty good.

DJ Kelly

Kelly loves to DJ almost as much as dancing. She began DJing in 2007 at Seattle house parties. Since 2009, Kelly has traveled the world, collecting a wide-ranging library of music for fusion, swing, and blues. She combines a wide array of emotions and flavors: angst and grit, passion and despair. She loves creating an atmosphere that keeps dancers wanting more. Favorite artists include Gordon Webster, Beats Antique, Meschiya Lake, Billie Eilish, and Feverkin.

Tony Sciscio

Tony has been on many Danceventures! Previous Fusion Bombs include (but not limited to*) concerts, clubs, parks, oceans, forests, and especially campouts. Knowing we can dance for pretty much however long we want to at this Campout, he's stoked to bring a more expansive wave of magic via his music. Expect some floating, some crawling, some weird sounds, and most certainly some booty.

Will Shaver

Will has been social dancing for over 20 years, and DJing for nearly as many. His background is in ballroom, west coast swing, and lately lots of fusion. He regularly DJs at social dance festivals, and is always on the hunt for new music that makes us want to dance.

Mark Carpenter

Mark has been dancing for his entire adult life. His social dancing career started with lindy & blues in 2005 and he eventually became a scene leader in college town of SLO. He has been part of the organizational staff for dozens of events (BAmF, MHF) as well as a few of his own (SLOx, &ATJ). He's DJ'd at every major fusion event at least once, and delights in mixing new fresh tracks with the classics.

Rose Crespo

Rose is a trans non-binary dancer, DJ, and community organizer based out of Oakland, CA. Their adventures as a dancer and DJ has led them to various corners of the west coast and wider world, supporting their cultivation of a keen ear, eye, and heart to read a room. They love falling down endless music rabbit holes on the internet in order to offer compelling soudscapes that provide space and inspiration for dancers to embody themselves and share their stories through movement and connection.

Andrew Smith

From downtempo grooves to booty-shaking jams, Andrew delights in creating musical experiences so people can lose themselves to the dance. He always strives to take the floor on a journey through sound while still injecting his usual playful flair. He’s had the pleasure of sharing his music at premier Fusion dance events around the world. Visit for more info.

Ben LaCara

Ben came to Fusion in 2010 and began DJing almost immediately after. He has always loved pulling from multiple genres of music and, above all, creating an emotional narrative for the people dancing to his sets.

Matthew Tsunami

Matthew has been dancing blues and fusion for over 6 years. He really loves his isolations and syncopations. His philosophy of partner dance - that it is highly conversational with plenty of adjectives, adverbs and other parts of speech - is something he brings to dancing, teaching, and Djing. His goal as a DJ is to bring emotionally evocative music to dancers and empower them to have whimsical, funky, and awe-inspiring dance conversations.

Kenny Woldhagen

Purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Kenny DJs and teaches in his home scene, Sacramento and around Northern California.

A'lan Abruzzo

I love dancing. I love music. DJing for fusion is such a privilege, joy and self-expression. My fusion DJ acumen originated from my early sets at blues house parties and swing dance venues. As fusion became its own dance, I was ecstatic become the first music coordinator at Shades of Blues in San Francisco (the first weekly fusion dance in the US). I broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and have been DJing national festivals ever since. I’m looking forward to sharing my sounds with you … and please save me a dance.