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Instructional Videos by Emily Webb

What makes great dancers great?  Lots of 'great' practice.  The good news is that we can all learn to 'move well.'  ​Practice takes many ​different forms including group and private classes.  However, if you can't make it to a class we can still practice and refine our movement skills.  The videos below are solo practice for your movement and body awareness.  While it may not be as exciting as learning a new turn sequence, it's guaranteed the exercises will improve your dance!

The following videos are compilations of exercises I, Emily, have learned from dance teachers, body workers, movement practitioners, and my own personal exploration over my lifetime of dancing.  They have helped me express my creativity in dance, strengthen my balance, better my posture, save my feet from hurting, and release chronic tension from my shoulders, neck and back.  I hope they help you too!  

These videos are currently being offered on a donation basis during the covid-19 outbreak.  If you enjoy them please leave your comments below, share them with friends, and give what you can to help Emily make it through this time without work.

Disclaimer:  Emily Webb is a teacher of Fusion and Tango dance.  She is not a certified  or licensed practitioner.  These videos are not meant to replace physical therapy or any other medical treatment. If you experience pain or discomfort from any of the exercises cease the movement immediately and consider consulting your doctor. 

Core Stability & Joint Mobility

Find your base, center yourself and move from your core to create balance and freedom in all of your movement.  Good for all levels and dance styles.​

Length: 21:04

Love Your Feet &​ Rock Your Balance

If you don't have great balance, you can learn! Help out your feet and strengthen your balance. This video will give you the tools to develop the muscles that help keep you upright even on one foot.

Length: 27:05

Isolations and Musicality​

One of my goals as I get older is to maintain joint fluidity rather than move like Frankenstein. Isolations are a great practice for keeping the body moving freely, the joints happy, and will add some special flare to your dancing!

Length: 32:47

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