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What To Bring

Mendocino Woodland Camp is a magical place set on 700 acres of coastal redwood forest.  It is a 'camp' and you should think 'glamping' when you consider what to bring.  

You will be sharing small, primitive sleeping cabins with 4 cots per cabin and NO electricity. The cabins do have fireplaces, but apparently they are smoky and don't heat the cabin much. The cabins are nestled in the woods in three sections.  Each section has an old bathhouse with hot showers, flush toilets and electricity. There are a few spaces reserved for the 'Giving Back' tickets that do have heat, electricity and an indoor bathroom.  Read the 'what to bring' list at to help make your weekend more comfortable.


We can't control temperatures and rainfall, but you can be prepared to have fun no matter what!

Must Brings:

Flash light 

All bedding - pillow, sheets, sleeping bag etc.

Bath towel and your shower stuff

Water bottle - NO cups at the dances!


Dance shoes for inside and outside
Epic dance wear

Rain gear depending on forecast

Tent/RV if you are camping

Epi pen / medical supplies as needed

Your friends


Extra padding for your cot - some cots need it.

Bug Spray - there could be mosquitoes!

Coffee mug/thermos for hot drinks in between meals


Firewood/supplies for your cabin

Musical instruments

Shoes for in the shower

Camp chairs


Ear plugs

Yoga mat or towel for stretching & acroyoga classes

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