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What is Fusion Dance?

Fusion Dance is improvisational partner dancing to modern music.  We come together with each partners' unique skill set to create a unique dance with every new song.

What should I wear?

At Mission Fusion we very open to many different ways of expressing ourselves.


Here a few loose guidelines that might help:


It’s Saturday night.  Some people like get a bit dressed up for Mission Fusion, however, casual attire is totally acceptable as well.  What ever you where should be comfortable to move in and stay put when you move and turn.


If you are the sweaty type a change of shirt is much appreciated!


Shoes:  If you want to save your knees so that you can dance into old age -- your shoes should allow you to pivot without too much friction.  Dance shoes with leather or suede soles are great.  Some people choose to dance in bare feet or socks.  We suggest that unless you are an advanced dancer with excellent floor craft,  high heels and stilettos are probably not the right choice.  

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