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Mission Fusion Campout Agreements

It is our intention to create a safe and productive space for dancers to connect and share in the joy of music and dance.  If you attend the MFC you agree to adhere to the following rules as well as the Mission Fusion Code of Conduct.


We all have a part in creating fun, healthy and safe environment!  Thank you for your help in making sure we have a wonderful weekend.


Checking In and Out

  1. Check in starts at 4pm on Friday. 

  2. Everyone must be off the grounds by 6pm on Sunday (unless you are helping clean up)

  3. I will clean my cabin before I leave! All personal items removed, fireplace cleaned, cabin swept out with the broom provided.  

  4. I will NOT arrive early or stay late on the camp grounds.  We are charged and enormous fee per hour if anyone is there early or late. (4pm arrival on Friday and Noon departure on Monday for general participants.  2pm on Friday and 3pm on Monday for staff)


General Rules

  1. I will notify MFC staff of anything that is broken, damaged or not working properly (buildings, grounds, equipment, etc.)

  2. I agree - No public nudity.

  3. I will not go into the other camps.

  4. No animals or pets are allowed at Mendocino Woodlands Camp.

  5. Bicycle riding on roads or trails only. No off-road or in camp riding.

Speed Limit and Parking

  1. THE SPEED LIMIT ON ALL ROADS IN CAMP IS 5-MILES PER HOUR.  The Speed limit on all roads between camps is 15 MPH.

  2. No parking on roads is allowed. Parking areas are designated. You may park alongside the road as long as you maintain 12-feet of clearance for emergency vehicles.

  3. DO NOT PARK IN TURNOUTS: These are for use by safety equipment and vehicles. Brief use for unloading and loading is allowed.


Fires, Fireplaces, and Fire Circles

  1. I will not burn downed wood in and around camps. No cutting of trees or old stumps is allowed. If you want to have a fire in your cabin please bring all of your own wood and supplies

  2. The only place fires are permitted in are in fireplaces and fire circles. 

  3. If I burn a fire in my cabin I will have a gallon jug of water present.

  4. No candles, liquid gas lanterns, heaters, etc. with flames are permitted in the buildings, cabins or tents, with the exception of commercially sold propane mantle lanterns.

  5. I will notify the operations director or MFC staff of any fire or use of fire fighting equipment.

  6. I will say something immediately if I see any unsafe fire practices

Illegal and Controlled Substances

  1. No illegal drugs are permitted on MWCA premises.

  2. Lawfully possessed controlled substances may require verification of lawful possession and use on MWCA premises.

  3. Use of any lawful or controlled substances, even if verified, may be prohibited if it is determined by MWCA to interfere with MWCA operations or if it poses a hazard.

Alcohol and legal substances

  1. Underage drinking and use of legal substances is prohibited

  2. The dance floors, dining halls, and immediate areas outside these buildings are substance free zones.  If you are found to be intoxicated you will be asked to leave the public areas until sober.

  3. I will maintain a level of sobriety which enables me to respect others, maintain my own safety, and uphold the Mission Fusion Code of Conduct.

  4. If I notice that someone’s sobriety is compromised I will recognize that their ability to authentically consent is likewise compromised, and exercise care and caution in my interactions with them. If I feel their behavior is inappropriate, I will express that to an organizer or team member.


Practice Consent and Boundary Setting

  1. I will verbally ask before I take actions that effect others - on and/or off the dance floor.

  2. I will wait for a verbal ‘Yes’ rather than a ‘No’. I will not assume consent.

  3. I will express my ‘No’ and gracefully accept a ‘No.’  

  4. I will do my best to verbally set my boundaries and stand up for my needs.

  5. I will respect the boundaries of others.  I will be aware of the effects my behavior has on others, and accept responsibility for it. 

  6. I will practice understanding and listening.  

  7. If I have a concern about a specific person, I can address it with that person directly if I feel safe doing so.

  8. If I need help negotiating a situation, I can find an organizer to assist or address it for me, with or without my direct involvement, depending on what feels safe to me.

  9. I expect to be approached if I have caused harm. Sometimes I will not know that this is the case, and I will be surprised. If someone approaches me, it is not a judgment of my character. Instead, it is an opportunity to learn. If I feel shocked, angry, ashamed, etc. that is normal, but I avoid responding defensively, because it could leave problematic behavior unaddressed and cause further harm.


For more on consent, boundaries, and repercussions of boundary violations please see the Mission Fusion Code of Conduct.


Be a good Cabin Mate

  1. Have a cabin meeting to agree on what is appropriate for your cabin.  Suggested topics: Quiet hours, sexual activity, nudity, space etc.

  2. Check in with your cabin mates and see how it’s going.


Practice Safe Sex

  1. Keep sexual activity inside your cabins - we are happy for you if you are having consensual sex, but please get a room :)

  2. There will be other campers sharing Mendocino Woodlands with us.  Do Not have sex/oral sex/nudity in the woods. There will be kids out there.

  3. If you have cabin mates, check in with them.



  1. I will ask for consent prior to taking photographs or video of other people. 

Be a positive force in the community

  1. Leave the bathrooms and public spaces cleaner than you found them.

  2. Encourage inclusion: dance with someone new, invite someone to join you.

  3. Ask questions like:  ‘How can I help’, ‘How can I connect’ ‘How can I have a positive impact?’ ‘How can I express my appreciation’

Violation of any of these rules or the Mission Fusion Code of Conduct could result in you being asked to leave the Mission Fusion Campout (without refund) and/or being banned from all Mission Fusion events.  The organizers of Mission Fusion Campout ad Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association reserve the right to ask anyone to leave Mission Fusion Campout at anytime.

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