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MFC Mindset

Coming together in the joy of dance, connection and collaboration. 

Dancers often know each other only as dancers, but there is so much more to each individual.    We all have stories to tell and gifts to share.  The intention of MFC is to foster an environment where dancers can slow down, connect and share with each other.  It is our hope that each participant will come to MFC with the intention to give of themselves to co-create an event of mutual respect, learning, and fun!   

How can you find value in others? 

How can you connect more deeply?

How can you help someone? 

How can you create a positive impact on the event? 


These are the types of questions to consider as you enter into this weekend of amazing redwood dancing magic!


Emily Webb, Josh Gronner, and CC Wagner are beyond excited to be hosting another Mission Fusion Campout with some help from our friends from BAmF (Bay Area micro Fusion).  Their love for dance, music, community and fun are the driving force behind this event.

Emily DJ.jpg

Emily Webb

In 1996 I began my love affair with partner dance.  Through the years I have studied Tango, Swing, Salsa, Blues, and Fusion dance with some the top instructors in the world.  Today Tango and Fusion remain my greatest dance loves.

In 2012, I co-founded Mission Fusion in San Francisco.  While I love to go out dancing with no responsibilities, it is hugely fulfilling for me to create the container for other people to learn and experience the joy of dance.  I am looking forward to co-creating community and dancing magic at MFC!

Josh G. Web Size-7.jpg

Josh Gronner​

I was first introduced to the wonderful world of Fusion in 2013 when I followed my heart to Shades of Blues in San Francisco, where I promptly hid in the corner and quietly played the piano as I was too shy to dance with anyone. I was an individual who had nearly zero experience with any kind of partnered-social-dance whatsoever, so this Fusion thing was a whole new world. A new fantastic point of view, one might even say. 

Now I just wanna be where the people are. I wanna see em dancing. I mean what can I say except let’s get down to business. It’s gonna be the main event, so please…  Be our guest!


CC Wagner

It has been my pleasure to have experienced Fusion dancing, both in my home scene in the CA Bay Area as well as the wider global Fusion dance community. No matter where I find myself, I have been impressed with a welcoming and supportive creation space, full of enriching friendships, inspirational challenges, and unparalleled awesomeness! My very first introduction to the Fusion dance community was in January 2011, at the Boston Fusion Exchange. It blew my world apart! For what felt like the first time in my 6 year dancing career, I was given both permission and enthusiastic encouragement to explore social partner dancing without being restricted to any particular genre of music, movement aesthetic, or pattern of steps. Free to focus on the fundamental principles of partner communication and musical interpretation, I relish the depth of connection and understanding that can be passed between total strangers. A willingness to surrender, listen, and respond to another person’s choices. A willingness to take responsibility, guide, and enhance someone else’s experience. Wow! I feel honored to have this opportunity to take part in creating this dance event, and to be able to share it with such a wonderful community.

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