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MFC 2023 Live Music

David Keogh

David Keogh is a Seattle-based musician and filmmaker who has been performing at social dance festivals around the country for the past decade. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, cello, and electronics with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion.

Live Music by THi5 - 2019

Josh received his first piano lesson when he was 6 years old, and continued with private lessons for the next 12 years, with a focus on reading music, improvisation, chord charts, and ear training. He studied composition and audio-production for 2 more years after high school, and soon received an opportunity to teach piano lessons in Marin County, CA. Teaching music would eventually open doors for Josh to perform as a pianist and as a DJ at weddings, dance parties, holiday sing-alongs, and corporate events all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Over the past 13 years, THi5 Academy of Music has expanded to offer lessons in guitar, drums, ukulele, music theory, and digital audio production as well as piano. In that time, Josh also found himself working in the music and film industries, composing and playing music with many notable entertainers such as Simon Cowell, Toni Braxton, and Dave Koz. In June of 2016, he released his debut album “One Time” under the moniker, THi5.

THi5 music offers a genre-defying soundscape of live piano and eclectic samples fused with cinematic themes and electronic dance beats. Since the release of “One Time”, THi5 music has grown in popularity among social dance communities, allowing Josh the opportunity to have shared THi5 music from New York to Vancouver, Costa Rica, Chicago, Seattle, and more. THi5 second album “Equal” was released in July of 2017, and continues to inspire dancers and listeners around the globe.

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M'Gilvry Allen

M’Gilvry Allen’s music lets you breathe underwater. A versatile instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, M’Gilvry tailors a musical offering to virtually any project or venue. His sound has been described as a sonic kaleidoscope – a unique blend of stomp and groove guitar, looping vocal harmonies, and bursts of Scottish fiddle. His songs seem almost entirely improvised; never quite sure what the next tonal ingredient may be, the listener is drawn deeper into the textures and the raw sincerity in his voice. His dynamic live performances have a healing playfulness and a comforting weight, bursting with soul and asking the eternal questions.

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MFC 2023 All Star DJ Cast - In no particular order of awesomeness 

Rose Crespo

Rose is a trans non-binary dancer, DJ, and community organizer based in Oakland, CA. They have been dancing for a near decade and DJing since 2015 at various local as well as national and international Fusion events (from the Mendocino woodlands to the rooftops of Valencia, Spain). In recent years, their focus has been on designing and facilitating community building events and learning experiences within the west coast fusion dance scene that focus on cultivating personal and interpersonal introspection, collaboration, and trust.

Kyle Killough

An energetic, silly, music-obsessed dancer; DJ Kyle / DJ Volter / DJ Infrared discovered dancing at the end of 2012 in Orlando Florida.  First Lindy, then Blues, then deciding to learn as many partner dance styles as possible (now at 30+!). Kyle went on to start / co-found the Orlando Fusion scene and serves as organizer and Lead DJ for Fusion Orlando! You can always find him capturing the essence of Fusion with his thermal camera, geeking out over music or dancing. Kyle enjoys creating sets that call out to the inner world of dancers so they may share their emotion and energy with the music and the dance floor!

Andrew Krausnick

Andrew loves fusion for the way it brings people together to explore and create within community. He seeks to serve this community by creating sets that you can't help but dance to, hopefully bringing you just a little bit closer to someone else in the process.

Tony Sciscio

Tony dove into the world called Fusion in 2011. He has witnessed, shared, and collected so so much musical magic from epic fusion exchanges/camp outs/parties, and he now travels between Sacramento and the bay area far too often in attempts to merge the dance communities, satisfy his dance addiction, and create one ginormous fusion family. If there is a dance floor present, expect at least part of Tony’s body to be on it. If he is spinning, expect to see him wiggling, making faces, and itching for your feels. If you hear a strange sounds, there’s a solid chance it will be coming from him…

Bri PC

Bri was brought to Firehouse 5 on Valentine's Day four years ago and fell in love -- with dance! Since then, she's learned many different dance styles that influence her musical choices (Blues, WCS, ECS, Tango, Salsa, Zouk), but she always listens for the songs that "grab" her attention and make her start moving to put in her sets. Having both competed and taught beginner blues and fusion lessons, she has a DJ style that appeals to the newbie and seasoned dancer alike. She has been DJing for about two years now in Sacramento and the Bay Area, but has recently moved to the East Coast and is looking to find Fusion dance there. She looks forward to DJing for you!

Matthew Tsunami

Upon stumbling upon fusion dance, Matthew immediately fell in love with the improvisational freedom available within it. His goal as a DJ is to bring emotionally evocative music to dancers and empower them to have whimsical, funky, and awe-inspiring dance conversations.


A'lan Abruzzo

A'lan loves dancing. A'lan loves music. He considers DJing for fusion a privilege, joy and self-expression. His fusion DJ acumen originated from his early training at swing/blues venues and grew as he became the first music coordinator at Shades in San Francisco. He broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and since then he's played at SDFX, LVFX, SFFX, DFX, SFFX, MFX, Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Albuquerque Fusion Experiment, City in Motion, Emerald City Blues, Mile High Blues, and BAmF, and Hi-Fi. He's looking forward to sharing his love sounds with you and move you into fusion bliss.

Ringo Sanchez

Ringo’s dancing and musical addiction started in college, where he was quickly immersed in the very rich and amazing dance scenes in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. His sets run the gamut,
from old hits to newly discovered gems, high energy to ooey gooey micro. He believes that a DJ is such a huge part of a dancer’s experience, and his main criteria for music is that it MUST make you feel like you can’t help but get on the dance floor! He takes great joy in seeing all the smiling faces of people dancing to his sets, and is excited to share this experience with as many dancers as he can!

Kenny Woldhagen

Purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Kenny DJs and teaches in his home scene, Sacramento and around Northern California.

Justin Riley

Justin is obsessed with music. He can't stop digging the internet for the newest, hottest, grimiest, tracks that the world posts day to day. He continually strives to find new music that stretches the musical styles and aesthetics of both the dance community at large and himself. Most recently his musical tastes have moved towards hip-hip and latino basted electronica: chill-step, glitchhop, ambient, downtempo, flow reggaeton, electro-cumbia, electro-pop, electro-funk, and music that you can't help but move to. He picks music that inspires the dancer not only rhythmically and musically, but emotionally as well.

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Cropped BW Dance Picture by Nathan Cordo
IMG_20190920_115105 (1) - A'lan Abruzzo.
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