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Stay tuned for the 2024 live acts!

Here's the 2023 line up to give you an idea of the awesomeness in store....

- MFC 2023 Live Music - 

David Keogh Live

David Keogh is a Seattle-based musician and filmmaker who has been performing at social dance festivals around the country for the past decade. His music features downtempo beats layered over lush piano, cello, and electronics with an emphasis on rhythm, tempo and musicality for that magical blend of dance-forms we call fusion.

Laughing Matters

GREETINGS! My name is Josh. I make noise. I produce a style of tunes known as “Laughing Matters” whose sound can only be described as the sweet hot nectar of genre-hopping sound-candy thwomp-sauce with melted chocolate and extra cuddles.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of social partner dancing in 2013 when I followed my heart to Shades of Blues in San Francisco. It wasn’t until over a year later when I first shared my original music with the Fusion world, performing at Mission Fusion in San Fransisco. Since then, due to the awesomeness of friends and fans like you, I have been lucky enough to play these tunes all over the world, on a life-long mission to wiggle the booties of the galaxy. Thank you always and forever for your endless inspiration!

M'Gilvry Allen Live

M'Gilvry Allen is a musician and producer from Sebastopol, California. His music blends folk instruments, modern production, and multilayered vocal harmonies into a kaleidoscope of familiar sounds. His debut album, In My Garden, was entirely self produced in a handmade earth plaster music studio in rural Oregon. M'Gilvry's work can be found on all major streaming platforms and on social media as @mgilvryallen.

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- MFC 2023 All Star DJ Cast - In no particular order of awesomeness 

Rose Crespo​

Rose (they/them) is a trans non-binary movement artist and DJ based in the Bay Area, CA. A social partner for the last decade, they are known for bringing both bangers and subtle beats to various local, national, and international fusion events since 2015. From the roots of the Mendocino Woodlands to the rooftops of Valencia, Spain, they love to create soundscapes that invite dancers to explore self and shared expression, intimacy, and trust.

DJ Volter (Kyle Killough)

An energetic, silly, music-obsessed dancer; DJ Kyle / DJ Volter / DJ Infrared discovered dancing at the end of 2012 in Orlando Florida.  First Lindy, then Blues, then deciding to learn as many partner dance styles as possible (now at 30+!). Kyle went on to start / co-found the Orlando Fusion scene and serves as organizer and Lead DJ for Fusion Orlando! You can always find him capturing the essence of Fusion with his thermal camera, geeking out over music or dancing. Kyle enjoys creating sets that call out to the inner world of dancers so they may share their emotion and energy with the music and the dance floor!

Andrew Krausnick

Andrew is always in search of the elusive blend of styles, energies, and voices that brings joy to a fusion floor - and delights in delivering a set that finds itself in sync with the mood of any given night.

Tony Sciscio

Tony, a mainly California-derived fusion addict who has explored most partner dances, continues to bring music that provides comfort and play for partner dances, while also striving for more solo dancing, more cyphers/jams, and provides more space for creatures, faies, and clowns to come out! Tony is a cat, but he does wonder who will wolf-out during this campout...

Bri PC

Bri was brought to Firehouse 5 on Valentine's Day in 2016 and fell in love -- with dance! Since then, she's learned many different dance styles that influence her musical choices (Blues, WCS, ECS, Tango, Salsa, Zouk), but she always listens for the songs that "grab" her attention and make her start moving to put in her sets. She has a DJ style that appeals to the newbie and seasoned dancer alike and DJs regularly in Sacramento and the Bay Area. She looks forward to making you move!


A'lan Abruzzo

A'lan loves dancing. A'lan loves music. He considers DJing for fusion a privilege, joy and self-expression. His fusion DJ acumen originated from his early training at swing/blues venues and grew as he became the first music coordinator at Shades in San Francisco. He broke onto the national fusion scene at the Portland Fusion Exchange and since then he's played at SDFX, LVFX, SFFX, DFX, SFFX, MFX, Recess, Seattle Fusion Festival, Albuquerque Fusion Experiment, City in Motion, Emerald City Blues, Mile High Blues, and BAmF, and Hi-Fi. He's looking forward to sharing his love sounds with you and move you into fusion bliss.

Ringo Sanchez​

Ringo’s dancing and musical addiction started in college, where he was quickly immersed in the very rich and amazing dance scenes in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. His sets run the gamut,
from old hits to newly discovered gems, high energy to ooey gooey micro. He believes that a DJ is such a huge part of a dancer’s experience, and his main criteria for music is that it MUST make you feel like you can’t help but get on the dance floor! He takes great joy in seeing all the smiling faces of people dancing to his sets, and is excited to share this experience with as many dancers as he can!

Kenny Woldhagen

Purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. Kenny DJs and teaches in his home scene, Sacramento and around Northern California.

Justin Riley

As both a DJ and event producer, Justin is dedicated to creating the unforgettable. He knows how to read a crowd and create a vibe that keeps the party going all night long, and with moments that feel akin to "magic." with his infectious energy and innovative approach to music and space. ​ With decades of experience behind the decks, Justin is a master at seamlessly transitioning between genres, taking the dance floor on a journey from Electronic to Soul, from Caribbean to Funk, from Latin-Trap and Folk, and in a single set. His ability to fuse together different and innovative musical styles has gained him a reputation as a trailblazer in the world of Fusion Dance, and he is constantly pushing the limits of what's possible in the Fusion Dance community.


Eliza Wilder

Eliza’s DJing is about listening. Listening to the murmurs on the dance floor, the energy levels in the room, the need for tension built to be released, or for excitement to wash through the crowd from recognizing a favorite song or hearing something new and curious. She blends in “Oldschool Fusion” tunes, rhythms from different dance styles, spacious lyrical pieces and fresh AF bangers. It’s her greatest delight to leave you feeling gooey, groovy and glowing.

Justin Johnson

Justin is a Seattle-based dancer, DJ and Fusion organizer. He began his dance journey with Contra at a Masonic lodge in Amherst, MA in 2011. He gleefully spun in circles for a few years before moving home to NYC, where he fell in love with both Blues and Fusion. Since then, Justin has hosted a Fusion weekend, DJ'd events on two different continents, and gained a deep appreciation for the community and creativity of partner dancing. He's recently been exploring West Coast Swing and Kizomba, and is excited to bring a variety of vibes MFC!

Angel Kim Spicer

Freelance artist, dance nomad, and all-around chaos gremlin, Angel cavorts up, down, and across the US dancing, teaching, performing, organizing, DJing, and generally raising hell. They also direct and produce their own artistic abomination, “Chaotica,” a highly chaotic neo-burlesque variety show based out of Seattle, WA. You can keep up with whatever havoc they’re currently wreaking at @AngelKimSpicer.

Steve Yang

Steve strives to provide incredible dancing experiences through reading & responding to the dancers in the room. Drawing from a wide range of musical styles, he has the music library broad enough to cover just about anything that you'd want to hear at a fusion dance!

Eleanor Chen

Having danced up and down the west coast, Eleanor's approach as a DJ comes from years of dancing the whole night straight with no breaks. In her first year of DJing, in addition to local venues Eleanor played at Portland Underground Exchange, High-Fidelity Fusion, European Micro Fantasia, and Champagne & Roses. She aims to give the floor what it needs, no shame, and it shows: her sets have been described as “freakin’ lit,” “absolute bangers” with “no maybes.” Her music spans across multiple genres, aiming to nourish the energy of the room and keep you in the groove all night long. Expect to be musically engaged and emotionally compelled. With musician ears and dancer intuition, Eleanor is here to make magic happen.


Music has always been a driving part of Whitney’s life, but when she discovered the Portland blues dance scene in 2012 (and fusion later that week), she knew she was home. She began DJing at local events in 2017, often joking that her playlists are just a new way for her to serenade the floor. Her sets often mix bangers and deep dives in various genres, bringing in music that offers opportunities to play, to sink, to experiment, to connect, and to get lost in; but she readily admits a soft spot for soul, syncopation, horns, and harmonies.

Sarah de Ugarte

Hailing from the global melting pot of NYC and raised in a blended Latino and Persian household, Sarah is passionate about bridging cultures through art. She strives to create immersive experiences for dancers by weaving together musical threads from around the world. Deep bass, warm vocals, and intricate rhythmic layers are her mainstays, with heavy influence from Afro-Latin and Middle Eastern artists. Her ultimate goal is to have you throwing down or melting in, possibly while making a stank face.

Carter Nelson

A partner dancer at heart, Carter has been Fusion dancing for over a decade,  and both teaching and DJ’ing for nearly as long.  Drawing heavily from Blues and Tango, he strives for a smooth and effortless movement aesthetic. Carter loves to DJ all flavors of electronic music, steady grooves, and the ooey gooey melty.

Matt Johnson

Ever since finding partner dancing in 2006, Matt has enjoyed music's influence on mood, atmosphere, and overall enjoyment of an event . His broad awareness and appreciation of music draws from a variety of dances, allowing for playfully varied and expressive choices. He strives to give opportunities to explore creativity, flow, and connection to other dancers and styles through his musical selections.

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